We have built reliable, high quality and advanced manufacturing operations at four locations in India with an annual production capacity of over 400 metric tonnes. We regularly audit these facilities, as do our customers & regulators from all over the world. Our factories meet the regulatory requirements of more than 35 health authorities such as the US FDA, MHRA UK and EDQM.

From molecule development to intermediate and API manufacturing, our capabilities extend across the supply chain. Our manufacturing units can handle unit processes such as halogenation, friedle craft reaction, mannich reaction, hydrogenation, suzuki coupling, condensation, nucleophilic solutions & substitutions. They are designed to be used for multiple products and the infrastructure also includes solvent recovery plants. Our highly-skilled team of engineers and chemists on the shop floor are focused on the continuous improvement of product quality. At all times, our manufacturing team is geared to conduct our API operations in a systematic, scalable & safe manner.

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