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ISO Certified Derma Products Pharma Franchise Company in India

When we try to hunt the derma products franchise in the market of pharmaceuticals, a name comes in front of us “Alencure Biotech.” Alencure Biotech is a well-known manufacturer and supplier derma pharma franchise company in India. The company has arrived with a wide range of dermatology products such as syrups, tablets, ointments, injections, creams, shampoos, and capsules, etc. We are providing the same bunch of products to the one who is willing to be part of our derma segment by becoming a franchise holder. We would love to welcome the dedicated person who wants to start a venture in the field of pharmaceutical and wishes to work with such a prestigious brand of cosmetics/derma products franchise company. If you are the one wants to take a start in the franchise program then we would like to serve you with all kinds of facilities such as marketing and setting up a new business along with a stack of countless products.

Alencure Biotech is dedicatedly offering derma and cosmetic products Pcd and franchise program to the laymen on Monopoly basis. One can easily get the dermatology company franchise with some few steps. In this derma pharma franchise company, the entire range of products is highly researched and well tested. Before introducing each product, we perform various examinations and test through our team of doctors and pharmaceutical experts. Only then we showcase the products in the market. So, all franchise owners can sell the products with great confidence and a commitment to the customers that the product will be highly effective and affordable in price. The products manufactured at our unit are highly praised by various top notch pharmaceuticals brands and appreciated by several well-known healthcare companies throughout the world which steers the confidence of our organization ahead.

#1 Derma pharma manufacturing company in India: Alencure Biotech

Being the most trusted derma manufacturing company, Alencure Biotech is committed to serving you the best dermatology products running in the market. The company is providing the manufacturing of high-quality cosmetics and derma range products. That’s why we are known as the leading ISO certified derma pharma companies in India. We have been performing for skin disease and solutions for ages which made us an expert in dermatology. That is why we have become a name of belief and faith. If you are an aspirant of getting dealership then you will be served with any sort of product you desire. Along with a heap of products, we also trained our distributors as the backbone of our company is Innovation and information. As the top derma manufacturing company, we are also a knowledge-oriented organization which do not only sell the products but also teach the customer regarding the product they are consuming or applying.

Skin Care Products Manufacturer in India: Apply Cosmetics Products Franchise

Alencure Biotech is not like any other skin care products manufacturer but our expertise distinguishes us from another random pharma manufacturing companies. With the great team, knowledge, and research, we are earning a tag of the leader of the market of skin care products. With the thirst and desire of innovation, Alencure Biotech is dedicatedly and painstakingly working day and night to polish the quality of products through which we will not be only the best but a name of trust which serves millions of people. The skin care products manufacturing company is building its name as a franchise company. As we are responsible for creating an immense range of various franchise holders of our organization who are works in spreading our services and benefits of products throughout the country. Get engaged with Alencure Biotech if you are hunting cosmetic products franchise company in the country.

Our wide variety for skincare / cosmetic products franchise includes:

  • Ketoconazole
  • Luliconazole
  • Ofloxacin
  • Ornidazole
  • Itraconazole
  • Clobetasol
  • Moxifloxacin
  • Xylometazoline

This cosmetic products franchise company is not just philosophy based organization but a talent based company which believes in only innovation and hard work. The excellence we have adopted speaks about our success and expertise. We mention all kinds of information about manufacturing the products such as added ingredients and their quantity and the true value of the product. The entire information mentioned on the product is completely based on facts. Alencure Biotech is carrying every required certification with it so that we can produce better products for the layman.

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